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Blue Crow Creative
Working creatively for Non-Profits
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Blue Crow Creative is the beginning of a new journey of giving back to the community, providing low-cost creative to non-profit organizations, and exploring new creative ideas to help them thrive. It also includes a blog to showcase new work in oils and watercolors, even as my mind continues to try and sabotage my goals. Hopefully this will go according to plan. But I know that when I plan, God laughs!


Collection of Work

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Waves Project, Inc

Winston Churchill wrote “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Blue Crow Creative lives by this philosophy, giving back to our community is our priority.

We strive to parlay our media contacts to get articles written and PSA on local radio stations in Southern California. Events, veteran associations, dive shops and media have allowed the brand to receive awareness and interest from individuals and top corporate companies such as PADI, and Wounded Warriors.

We are proud to be the agency that helps grow the brand of this non-profit while fulfilling a new passion and making amazing new friends.



Branding Waves Project, Inc with a strong logo that would resonate with our audience: wounded American Veterans was the first step. The scuba iconography simulates a tattoo which has been implemented into the marketing materials, t-shirts, tradeshow booth, sponsorship brochures, postcards to the large cargo truck that hauls to scuba gar to local dives.


Bike Lab

Bike Lab is a social enterprise that elevates the bicycle culture. Bike Lab considers it imperative that bicycling be further supported as a means of recreation, health, transportation, commuting, expression, and fun. Bike Lab will create space to convene, create, build, and ride.

Bike Lab works with inner city kids to promote being thru providing used bikes to local area kids. Fostering a love of biking, the outdoors. It also provided education recreation for health, and bike maintenance.

Chris Aguirre is an avid bike rider and enthusiast. He enjoys building, modifying, and riding bikes whenever the opportunity may arise. Chris holds a deep desire to work with organizations interested in improving quality of life or provoking change in some way, shape, or form.